Nutrition and Healthy Living

Cherry Bridge Station believes in promoting healthy eating habits, and healthy living, to the children and families attending our centres. Our educators are proud role models for these healthy choices and engage in experiences with the children to educate them on the importance of good nutrition and physical activity.

All of the meals we provide to the children during the various mealtimes throughout the day, are made from fresh ingredients. The meals are created onsite daily in our centres’ fully equipped kitchens, by experienced and qualified cooks. We source all of our lean meats, chicken and seafood; also fresh fruit, vegetables, wholemeal and dairy products.


Our menus are created in consultation with experts in nutrition, and are designed to meet 70% of a child’s total daily dietary and nutritional requirements. Water is provided to the children throughout the day and is made available for children to access at any time; milk is also served at meal times. Sweetened drinks such as juice, cordial, flavoured milk etc. are not provided to any child attending our services.